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Healthy Skin is a Habit!

Fall in love with your skin with the world’s first skin maintenance subscription that’s customised for YOUR skin type and your skin’s changing needs.

Just like our body needs different nutrients at different times for it to stay healthy, our skin also needs a regular dose of varied nutrients for it to stay young, healthy & glowing! We’ve combined aesthetic practices with medical knowledge for the first of its kind, Customisable Skin Booster Program. A once a month regimen to nourish your skin from a selection of dermatologist developed and tested 120+ medi-facials that give your skin the love & care it deserves every month!

Get Healthy Skin All Year Long!

My Skin Booster Program

What are BeYouPlus Signature Medi-Facials?

Food for your Skin!

A combination of cutting-edge medical expertise and aesthetic practices, resulting in a treatment that nourishes your skin from within. Developed, tested and recommended by top dermatologists, Medi-facials are Concentrated Fruit Extract based Peels. Peels are a rapid way to improve the skin’s texture and tone by safely removing the damaged outer layer of skin. They work on the basic principle of exfoliation to bring about the desired results. Different peels work at different layers of the skin and can be classified into light, medium and deep. The depth of the peel determines the degree of exfoliation. We use a variety of peels such as Lactic, Glycolic, TCA, Arginine etc., Depending on the skin concern, we have created over 120 different treatment options for your skin’s needs.

Take our proprietary skin test to analyse your skin, and choose your personalised Skin Booster Program, a subscription tailored to your skin type and concerns, and consisting of a recommended course of Medi-Facials

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Take the BeYouPlus Skin Analyser Test

And get your personalised Skin Booster Program consisting of different medi-facials.


Choose your subscription plan

Choose from Annual, Semi-annual and, Quarterly subscriptions.


Choose your preferred clinic

Choose among a vast list of our partner clinics and dermatologists


Schedule your first medi-facial appointment!

Select your preferred date and time for your first appointment. Voila, you're done!

BeYouPlus Expert Speak

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“I get a lot of patients every day complaining about pigmentation, acne marks, dullness and just a lack of lustre and glow in their skin and they use the best of topical creams and serums, but these issues can’t be solved with just topical creams. Which is why we developed this treatment to help people who are suffering from these issues and give them radiant, blemish-free skin.”

- Dr. Neha Yadav, Consultant Dermatologist

7181 Treatments Performed
5077 Patients Treated
200+ Treatment Options
200 Partner Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy skin is a habit, not a one-time occurrence. Just like your body needs regular nutrients and maintenance, our skin also needs regular upkeep and maintenance. Medi-Facials work best when administered regularly. A single session would show you results but not long-lasting drastic results.
Not at all. Peels or chemical peels are completely safe, as long as they’re done by a trained therapist or a dermatologist. They can have side-effects if done by an untrained person.
Our Skin Booster Program consists of basic medi-facials, customized for your skin type and concerns, to maintain your skin’s health and glow. For those having deeper skin problems such as acne vulgaris, deep acne scars, melasma etc., we recommend advanced medi-facials in addition to basic, since they need treatment and not just maintenance.
Those who’ve subscribed to the Skin Booster Program, get an attractive discount on the advanced medi-facials.
A salon facial is a non-medicated procedure consisting of massages, creams and blackhead removal. They don’t address your skin’s concerns and reach just the superficial layer of your skin.
A medi-facial is tailored for your skin type and concern. They consist of 6 steps like exfoliation, extraction, chemical peel etc. to help heal and nourish your skin from within. Each step is to help address different skin issues.
Some steps such as comedone extraction and peel application might be mildly uncomfortable for some but are not painful.
A medi- facial is a combination of various steps, each individually targeting different skin concerns, and a peel is a step within a medi-facial.
Absolutely! Skin types and skin concerns are not constant. Various factors such as hormones, environment, lifestyles etc. can affect a person’s skin type and their skin concerns. Someone who has combination skin in May could have severely dry skin in December. We recommend that you re-take the Skin Analysis Test every few months, depending on how your skin is feeling at that time.
We advise that you stick to the recommended list of medi-facials in your Skin Booster Program. If you do wish to get a different medi-facial, you can consult with the dermatologist and opt to get it done.
Once you consult our trusted BeYouPlus dermatologist, he/she will recommend whether or not you need an advanced medi-facial.
We understand that skin type & concerns are not constant. We give complete flexibility to our customers to re-take the Skin Analysis Test. If your Skin Analysis changes, you’ll get a new Skin Booster Program recommendation.
For a limited time period, we’re offering 1 session of the Medi-Facials at Rs.999 only as a trial. A trial is for you to experience what the treatment would be like and get comfortable with the procedure. The process would remain the same:
- Take a Skin Analysis Test
- Get a recommended Skin Booster Program
- Choose your first Medi-Facial from the Program to take as a trial
- Book your trial!
Yes! Our Skin Analysis Test recommends a Skin Booster Program for different skin types and concerns. There are over 120 medi-facials for different skin types!

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